Friday, 3 February 2012

Bridal Nail Polish Styles

It used to be the bride in the salons of the nails is always one thing: a French manicure (and often, a French pedicure to go with). Last season, his nails were long enough, and on the square side. As for bridesmaids, they always knew what to ask – soft, neutral shade of paint, or maybe pink.But we do not live in a one-size-fits-all wedding world anymore, and many women walking through the door you want options.
“The last two wedding parties, we would have seen the same thing,” said Karen, a stylist at All About You Day Spa in Rochester, New York. “They all have the same neutral color on your nails, even the bride.”Neutral or pastel shade is a growing trend for brides who are bright delineation French manicure several Stark.
“But the bridesmaids do not always go on waiting,” she added. “We just came to the wedding in which the girlfriend went to the dark, dark color on their nails. The fact that they chose was” Lincoln Park after Dark “- which is very dark purple.“Of course, dark colors are very in vogue right now. I’m actually in theblack on my nails right now.”
But she has seen brides ask for nail color that is almost black? “No,” she laughs. “But Angelina Jolie did not show up here … yet.”As for length, said Karen nails will definitely be shorter. Why? “I think they are simply more practical,” she says. “It is easier to type, and a much more natural look.”

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