Sunday, 30 December 2012

Peacock Tattoos For Women

Peacock tattoos can be acquired and done either through the traditional and painful method such as skin piercing or through the no pain use of an ink called “henna” and a pencil. A henna tattoo, unlike the traditional tattoo, is not permanent. It can last for about two weeks or so depending on the frequency of washing and the daily wear and tear of the skin.

 But whichever tattoo form you go for, having a peacock tattooed on your skin is rather empowering most especially for women. The peacock being a bird with beautiful feathers and plumage is slowly climbing into popularity as girls who choose this kind of design for a tattoo say that it gives them a certain boost of confidence knowing that a symbol of beauty and fertility are literally with them or rather, in them.Female tattoo artists certainly agree to the idea of peacocks, despite being quite a handful design to do is definitely empowering. The artists said that they can somehow understand the link or connection between their female clients through the peacock designs they do. They also stated that once you get one peacock inspired tattoo, you will surely come back and want more.Peacock tattoos are a great way to showcase some of the best design and color that you can get in tattoo art. 
But beware the wearer of the peacock design! Depending on who you believe, this tattoos can either be representations of beauty and grandeur or can represent suspicion and the “evil eye.” How you interpret peacock tattoos is entirely your choice, and there is certainly no shortage of popularity of this particular tattoo design.Peacock tattoos have been widely used throughout Asia and the middle east. They represent for many, God’s eyes, all seeing and all knowing. In China they also have strong ties to immortality and an unbreakable oath. With such a strong and positive message in one part of the world, why have this tattoos represented the opposite in other parts?Now that you have understood the meaning of a peacock tattoo, you can get one, inked on your body, if your personality is depictive of the qualities a peacock tattoo symbolizes. You can opt for black and white patterns or go for the colorful ones; whatever suits you best.