Friday, 17 February 2012

Latest Tips For Beautiful Breasts

Become a symbol of femininity, breasts should receive special attention because they are very fragile. Here are some tips to help you overcome the periods of pregnancy and plan without the appearance of the breasts are affected.• Use a bra, see “7 reasons to start using underwear.• There is always a direct position of the body;
• Avoid carrying heavy loads;
• Keep the chest muscle by participating in breast elector-stimulation all sessions and swimming when you have extra time;
• Ground your breasts after each shower with a special cream that supports and hydrates. Do not use awkward movements that can traumatize the chest, but the large, circular motions on the shape of the breasts;
• Avoid hot baths can soak up the tissue and above the breasts;
• For the more adventurous of you girls you try to close a shower now cold water on your breasts for a minute;
• Avoid wearing tight clothing that squash your breasts;
• Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach;
• Diet during pregnancy or during the mass in the breast with almond oil;
• If you are breastfeeding, wear a bra always aim day and night;
• When you play a sport to ask breasts use a bra that can be purchased in a store where you can find casual clothing;
• Avoid long exposure to sun, especially if you do not use cream of special protection;
• Avoid any major fluctuations in weight.
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But perhaps most important for us girls is to go as often as possible in the doctor’s office for special orders breasts.