Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bob Haircut

Latest Beautiful Fashion Bob HairStyles And Versatile Bob Haircut: A “bob Haircut” is a short haircut for men and women, in which the hair is typically and technically cut straight and align around the head just below the jaw length, usually with fringe or bangs at the front.Bob Hair Styles commonly uses in party,weddings and different fashion weeks.Mostly Celebrities apply Bob Hairstyles or Bob Haircuts for their face attraction and beauty.
Historically women of the western or european like to have long hair. Except of some modern, advanced and fashionable women or teenager and girls, who like to have short hair. This trend was very common before world war. For example in 1910 the French actress Polaris is referred as having “a shock of short, dark hair”. The hair style that she had made was not considered respectable unit, it was not disclosed that the trend of having long hair in the war is inconvenient.

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