Sunday, 12 February 2012

Women Saree Blouse

The fashionable Designer Saree Blouse are the symbol of independence. They can be simple, designer or customized. Designer blouses today have gained equal physique as any other garments. The designer blouses specify current fashion trends. To create a very fashionable sari blouse you can use various type of work. Sparkles, sequins, mirror work are the latest fashion trend of Bollywood.
These designer blouses can be made in an array of colors. The blouse color may whichever match the color of the sari or can be in dissimilarity of the saree color. Designer saree blouses are customized made depending on the choice, human being taste and demand of the female clients. Designer blouses have different neck designs halter and tie knot are the trends for summers. These blouses have different type of sleeves to make it look more stylish and fashionable. Different sleeve styles are preferred for these designer blouses.

Full : Full arm is covered and it is well fitted
Half : It is generally ¼ of the arm and well fitted in the end.
¾ or elbow : Sleeves are covered till the elbow. It is a very old fashion style but still in demand.
Sleeveless : No sleeves blouse also called cut sleeves.
Poets : Very full sleeves with pleats at the upper arm and usually fitted at forearm.
Gibson sleeves : A sleeve that is full from shoulder to wrist, often with a puff at the shoulder for added fullness.
Cap sleeve : Very short sleeve that barely covers the top of the shoulder.
Noodle strap : It has very thin strap attached with the tube of the blouse
Bell style : It can be long or short sleeves. It is in shape of a bell.
Butterfly : Very similar to a Bell Sleeve, but the ends of the sleeves are actually coupled behind the back.
Pointed : Long, fitted sleeves which end in a point over the back of hand.
Dolman : A sleeve which is full at the top and soothingly tapers to closely fit the forearm
Puffed : This sleeve features a puff at the shoulder.

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