Thursday, 23 February 2012

Indian Saree Designs

Saree is a traditional dress for Indian girls and women with a variety of different styles and fabrics.Saree is a strip of unstitched clothes that collection in various pattern and size from four to nine meter in length that is draped over the body in different styles.Indian fashion sarees are including various different patterns such as designer Fashion sarees, georgette sarees, Indian traditional sarees, party wear sarees, wedding sarees bollywood sarees, royal designer sarees, festival sarees, Indian embroidered sarees, bandhej sarees and so on.There are different ways of wearing saree that depends upon the climatic layout and religious culture. The most common style to wear saree is to cover it around the waist, with the loose ending and drape over the shoulder, baring the tummy. Now a day’s sarees can be draped in to various styles.  Saree is usually worn over the petticoat with the blouse. The choli is having the narrow neck and short sleeves.

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