Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tribal Butterfly Tattoos Designs

Tribal butterfly tattoos are an interesting choice of tattoos. If you’ve never been inked or if this is just another tattoo design, then I suggest you read on to deliberate where you want your tattoo placed, and also to understand how the idea came about..Tattoos started centuries ago and traces its roots from a frozen body uncovered with tattoo art work (used for arthritis back then), to 2,400 year old mummies, who bore tattoo designs that were decorative in nature, although thought to have magical implications. A tattoo was a representation of status; those who bore them, were marking their bodies due to ritualistic/traditional purposes.The word ‘tattoo’ comes from two parts of a derivative; ‘ta’, which is a Polynesian word, meaning to strike something; ‘tatau‘, which is a Tahitian word, meaning to mark something. I remember watching a show on tribesman that used the ancient ways of tattooing by striking a needle dipped in ink, with a wooden stick. The sound it produced was said to have been similar to the word ‘tatau‘. The release of a magazine that had only tattoo information, barring advertisements, was‘Tattoo Time‘, with its first edition being called ‘New Tribalism‘.

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