Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy

During pregnancy there some change on mother condition and stamina, as well as Mother intensity of emotion. In early pregnancy Mother may feel morning sickness that usually characterized by the appearance of nausea, vomiting and also less enthusiastic. With loin pain, constipation, varicose veins, burning sensation in the pit of the stomach (heartburn), hemorrhoids, insomnia can happen to the Mother who in the middle and late pregnancy. Not only that, feeling anxious, sad, too sensitive frequently happen to pregnant woman.If there are problems in pregnancy, of course there are also ways to overcome them. One of them by doing Prenatal Yoga or Yoga for pregnant women.

According Pujiastuti Sindhu, Yoga practitioner and Yoga Leaf Leadership Center, as well as Writers “Yoga for Pregnancy Healthy, Happy & Full of Meaning”, Prenatal yoga is a modification of classical yoga as adjusted for the condition of pregnant women.”Prenatal yoga is done with intensity the more softly and slowly.” Added the mother of two children who familiarly called Teteh Ujie.Of course by doing an intense prenatal yoga can reduce the various complaints that happen to natural mother that didn’t practice yoga. Not only that, yoga also can keep your body sturdy and strong. Here are some other benefits of Prenatal Yoga:

• Smooth flow of blood that facilitate the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus.
• Train the muscles of the pelvic floor (perineum) to strongly refute the burden of pregnancy. Also make elastic pelvic floor muscles which will simplify the process of birth and postpartum recovery.
• Helps reduce anxiety and fear of childbirth. Make Mother feel calmer and can enjoy the pregnancy.

Ujie who pursue yoga since 1996 advised if you want to do the Prenatal Yoga, mother must ensure pregnancy in a condition fit and healthy. Note also the movements that need to be avoided, such as:
• Do not perform postures that suppress stomach or stomach.
• Avoid twisting the spine too deep.
• Not doing inversion postures (body upside down)
• Do not hold your breath exercises (kumbhaka)
• Change the position of lying supine during gestation over 16 weeks with side sleeping position.

Just try yoga and let your child greeted with proud and happy smile!

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