Sunday, 11 March 2012

Printed Sarees Blouse

Printed Saree Blouse is the Indian Woman’s traditional clothing. It is considered to be the oldest in traditional garments. The word sari is derived from the word “Sattika” in Prakrit. The sari was born in southern parts of India and today it has become a symbol of India’s legacy and rich heritage. Women from all over the world, belonging to different cultures and nationalities are developing a keen interest in Printeds Saree Blouse.In India every culture has its own traditional attire The Punjabis are known for the Patiala, Marwar is and Gujratis have their lehenga and the southern and eastern parts of india are adorned by the Sari. The Printed Saree Blouse is basically a length of unstitched cloth ranging anywhere from five to nine metres.It is draped over the body in various styles but the most popular style of wearing an Printed Saree Blouse is to wrap it around the waist, covering the midriff with one end over the shoulder. Needless to say the Indian woman’s beauty is truly unparalleled in an Printed Saree Blouse.

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