Monday, 12 March 2012

New Wedding Gowns

After a number of positions in prestigious magazines such as Vogue and Ralph Lauren, where she made a name for himself as a young fashion editor ever – just at the age of 23 years, Vera Wang started her first bridal line in 1990. In order to provide a line of dresses which were traditional, but complex, Vera found her line of wedding dresses sure quite what you expect from the public. In 1994, her big break came when she developed a simple white dress for the ice skater Nancy Kerrigan rendering her a household name almost overnight. Vera skated competitively before joining the world of fashion design, so designing outfit came naturally.Today, Vera finger at the number of “luxury” pies, but still known for her wedding dress and prowess so far, even after more than 17 years of timeless inspiring creations, women all over the world watching her dress for the leadership and that “what something new, which can make the difference between the most memorable day in your life, and most non-memorable. Vera Wang wedding dress is definitely elite modern wedding clothes, and all seem like they will in the foreseeable future. Way to go, Faith!


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