Monday, 5 March 2012

Mehndi Designs On Feet

Mehndi Designs On Feet is the most famous country where the girls and women make mehndi designs because mehndi is a pure Asian custom. Mehndi was a culture but now adopted as fashion in all over the world. God has blessed Asia with many things especially different types of soils and land. Mehndi is the most describable thing that we should want to show here. In Indian culture.Mehndi-Ki-Raat is usually a private affair with close relatives, friends and family members, celebrated amidst lot of dancing and feasting.The current craze for body painting among the urban youth has suddenly revived interest in mehndi. The natural and pain-free art of decorating the hands and feet with henna on ceremonial occasions.The various mehndi designs meant for hands include flower arches, mehndi web, flower net, flowery trails, lucky lotus, leaves chains etc. The charm of Indian weddings can be seen everywhere, as the Bridal Mehndi Designs also exhibit the joyous mood of the wedding ceremony. Mehndi Cones are convenient tools for creating new patterns, just as paper stencils are available for instant application.

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